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Double Glazing Melbourne


    Did you know that here at Pater Leadlights we can also provide double glazing in Melbourne for your leadlight windows where required.

    Double glazing offers the following benefits:

  • *Heat loss reduction
  • *Cool air reduction
  • *Noise reduction
  • *Extra strength when safety glass is used.

  • What is Double Glazing with leadlight windows?
  • Effectively it’s a triple glazed unit as we trap the leadlight in between 2 pieces of glass using a decadent tape which absorbs any trapped moisture and then a second seal of commercial strength silicone is used to prevent any moisture re-entering the unit.
  • The finished unit thickness is anywhere between 17 and 22mm depending on the thickness of glass used.
  • So if double or triple glazing is something you may consider, contact us today for more information.

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