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Many home owners are fortunate enough to have the beautiful enhancements of leadlight and stained glass featured somewhere throughout their home.

Be it leadlight windows, leadlights doors and entrance sets or even that special mirror you have hanging in a prominent place, unfortunately accidents do happen.

So your prized leadlight has been broken – where do you turn for leadlight repairs in Melbourne? Fortunately Pater Leadlights specialise in the repair and restoration of both leadlight and stained glass work. As closely as possible, glass is replaced with the same original glass.

Another reason for seeking leadlight repairs in Melbourne is sometimes the original lead may need replacing or the cement has fallen out leaving rattling and leaking windows. Again, Pater Leadlights are specialists in the lead and cement replacement also.

In fact, any repair or renovation work that needs to be undertaken, the specialists for leadlight repairs in Melbourne is undoubtedly Pater Leadlights.

Conveniently located on the Princes Highway, call Michael Pater for a no obligation quote today on 03 97689620



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