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Many people have hobbies and enjoy creating something that is both functional and appealing to the eye. Some like to paint, other enjoy woodworking and pottery whilst many enjoy the creating and building of leadlights.

Like all crafts, there are specific skills that have to be learned, tools and supplies to be purchased. Melbourne leadlight enthusiasts are fortunate to have available to them the materials and advice from Pater Leadlights.

Cutting of glass is a skill that takes a little while to master as does using a glass grinder. Being able to develop a high level of expertise in soldering accurately and neatly certainly takes practice.

Pater Leadlights are available to point you in the right direction developing your skills as well as being a source of all necessary leadlight supplies in Melbourne.

Have a look through the gallery photos for inspiration then call Pater Leadlights on 03 97689620.





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