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Pater Leadlights has lots of History and Experience.


The history of Pater Leadlights stems back to the 1920’s when my grandfather, Martin Pater, began in the Stained Glass Industry. He completed many stained Glass projects, mainly in Churches, before migrating to Australia in 1956.

Martin’s son, Peter, also chose to be in the glass industry and together they worked on many projects together. Peter bought Bolte Glass P/L in 1978, the company he had worked in for many years. 1979 was the year Pater Leadlights P/L was born and also the same year Peter’s son, Michael also decided to make Stained glass and Lead lighting a career of his own.

I completed an apprenticeship in glazing, incorporating leadlights, and won many awards including Overall Outstanding Apprentice of my year level. After completing my apprenticeship I bought Pater Leadlights and continue to this day, 30 years on, to producing leadlights of the highest quality and providing the best service possible.


Since my apprenticeship days, my colleagues and I decided that a stand alone Apprenticeship was needed in our industry. I, along with a small select industry group proceeded to organise, along with government representatives, to establish a fully fledged four year Stained Glass and leadlight apprenticeship which continues to this day at Holmesglen T.A.F.E in Chadstone. The most recent project that I’ve been involved with is the establishment of an Industry Association, A.G.D.A (Architectural Glass Design Australia) in 2004. This was initially done to address industry concerns and problems with regards to new OH&S standards that have been affecting all industries. I will continue to keep involved with all issues concerning our industry to ensure its survival into the future.

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