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Adding features to your home not only enhance the appearance but if done properly can increase the value of you home by a greater value than the cost of the added feature.

One such enhancement is that of Stained Glass. Melbourne home owners and renovators have the services available close by of Pater Leadlights.

Michael Pater said that many people are confused between leadlight and stained glass and often refer to these being the same. He said strictly speaking, stained glass was more like the style you may see in churches where the glass has been ‘stained’ or painted on. Leadlight panels are more the different colors of glass that have been cut and placed into a design or patterns held in place using lead.

There are few places in Australia that has the ability to create traditional stained glass. Melbourne is fortunate to have Pater Leadlights available for providing this service as traditional stained glass trades people are very hard to find.

Have a browse through the gallery photos and then call Pater Leadlights on 03 97689620 to discuss your stained glass project.






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