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Pater Leadlights are the premier supplier of stained glass windows in Melbourne.

Whether you want stained glass windows for your home, panels for your doors or even cabinets, Pater Leadlights can help.

Michael Pater said recently that most people when they refer to stained glass windows are actually thinking along the lines of leadlight windows and often the two are confused with each other – stained glass and leadlight.

Leadlight is really pieces of glass that are cut and ground to size and shape and formed into a design. These pieces are held together by pieces of channeled lead which are then soldered together at the joins.

Stained glass is similar to leadlight but usually has the extra working of a painted or ‘stained’ finish to provide extra detail as can be seen in the traditional church windows.

Finding a business that can produce stained glass windows in Melbourne has not been that easy as this is a truly specialized skill.

Pater Leadlights have the skills and experience to design, manufacture and supply your traditional stained window requirements.

Please have a look through our gallery of beautiful stained glass photos and then call Michael Pater NOW on 03 97689620.



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